Weird and Wonderful Wednesday

Conference Day No school for the kiddos today. Parent-Teacher conferences are happening on campus. A mid-year check in to see how everyone’s doing. Interestingly, now that Atticus is in sixth grade, he was tasked with presenting a self-reflective piece as a portion of our allotted time. While there were no surprises today, it was reassuring… Continue reading Weird and Wonderful Wednesday

Proud Papa

Mid-Semester Reports I just finished a late morning snack. Toasted sourdough with (arguably too much) butter, honey and Maldon salt. While eating, I read through the recently available progress report for my sixth grader, Atticus. Without getting too emotional, let’s just say, I was more than proud. Truly proud of who Atticus is becoming. It… Continue reading Proud Papa

Beautiful Beginning

Mondays Can Be Marvelous Obviously, I’m completely biased towards the weeks where Atticus and Madeleine are here. I feel more productive when they are here, happier, more whole, just all-around better. Breakfast Today we had a delicious, and simple breakfast. Eggs (scrambled with dill, or soft-boiled), half a slice of toasted “ABC bread” (Apples, Banana,… Continue reading Beautiful Beginning

Saturday, Oct. 23rd

Yogurt for Breakfast Yesterday I turned a half gallon of milk into a half gallon of yogurt. After the milk had gelled, I strained the result. What we ended up with was, one quart of ultra-creamy, tangy, and ultimately delicious greek style yogurt. Of course I had to try it out for breakfast. Drizzled with… Continue reading Saturday, Oct. 23rd

New Day New Ferment

Preparing a half gallon of milk for a yogurt culture.

Yogurt Probiotic-rich creamy milk. That’s what I am working on this afternoon. One of Hannah’s favorite do-it-yourself kitchen projects. After warming and cooling a half gallon of milk, it will take a few hours for the milk proteins to gel (turn into yogurt) with a perfectly delicate thickness that is equally suited for spooning straight… Continue reading New Day New Ferment

See-Saw Sunday’s

Rather than a, "plain ol' roll." Atticus asked if I would add apples.

Sunday’s are Emotional The kids are with me every other week, swapping houses on Sunday. Today they leave, so today sucks. It’s Fall Y’all Atticus loves cinnamon rolls. He lobbies both houses to try to have them at least once each week. I was happy he asked, and that he wanted a seasonal makeover from… Continue reading See-Saw Sunday’s

Sleep-In Saturday

Breakfast for one, since the kids are having cereal with their cartoons.

Shhhhh Excitedly, both kids are sleeping in. Honestly, it’s a bit of a rarity that both of them will be tired enough, comfortable enough, and just able enough to really sleep in on a Saturday morning. For me, it’s nice to know they are. Tales from a Different Era Yesterday, the kids had the pleasure… Continue reading Sleep-In Saturday

One Step Forward and One Leap Backwards

Seemingly Smooth Start Even-though I was up late, working on tweaking the blog layout, newsletter settings, and really just “fiddling”, I was awake and showered early. Early enough to wake the kids, without feeling stressed or like I’d need to rush them through their morning routines. It’s always nice when they do what they need… Continue reading One Step Forward and One Leap Backwards

Today (Wednesday) is Our Monday

Short (but busy) Week The kids were out of school on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Fall Break on Monday, to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and a Professional Development Day for staff on Tuesday. Which made today, Wednesday, our Monday. “Gooooood Morning School!” Atticus, now that he is in sixth grade, has decided he… Continue reading Today (Wednesday) is Our Monday

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