Saturday, Oct. 23rd

Yogurt for Breakfast

Yesterday I turned a half gallon of milk into a half gallon of yogurt. After the milk had gelled, I strained the result. What we ended up with was, one quart of ultra-creamy, tangy, and ultimately delicious greek style yogurt. Of course I had to try it out for breakfast. Drizzled with the season’s best strawberry preserves and a little granola, it made for a wonderful way to start my day.

Baking Off Boules

After breakfast, I had a couple of sesame-topped sourdough rounds resting from their overnight chill in the fridge. I preheated the oven so that they could be baked off. Forty-five minutes later I had to resist the near crippling urge to try to slice into a just pulled from the oven loaf.

Sesame-crusted Sourdough

Reset is Required

Now that the bread is baked and the yogurt has received flying colors from quality control, it’s time to clean up a bit. Atticus and Madeleine will be home tomorrow, and I like to welcome them with a clean-ish space. There is also an ever-increasing possibility we may manage to film something/anything for our YouTube channel (yes, the one with, “no videos”). Any thoughts? What type of video would you like to see us post?

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