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Mid-Semester Reports

I just finished a late morning snack. Toasted sourdough with (arguably too much) butter, honey and Maldon salt. While eating, I read through the recently available progress report for my sixth grader, Atticus. Without getting too emotional, let’s just say, I was more than proud. Truly proud of who Atticus is becoming.

It is difficult to start a narrative about Atticus without noting that he is one of the most polite, friendly, and eager learners one could ask for in their class.”

– Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher

There are certainly other wonderful statements about Atticus’ intellectual curiosity, a few more well-worded compliments, and even a couple of diplomatically presented opportunity areas … but ultimately it’s Atticus’ nature that I want to celebrate. What more could I ask for as a father … “polite, friendly, and eager.” Thank you Atticus for being such a wonderful person!

My favorite (also Madeleine’s favorite … she wants you to know). Butter, honey and Maldon salt on sourdough.

Hannah’s Homegrown

This past spring and summer, Hannah has excitedly been “gardening.” As much as anyone could, in a tiny urban dwelling with only a micro-balcony. Sadly, with respect to the growing season, it is quickly coming to an end. We have had: basil, chives, cilantro, and most excitedly, the world’s smallest and certainly most perfect tomatoes. We are both excited for the cool weather that the change of seasons is bringing, but are also eagerly looking forward to next spring when we dream of bountiful harvests and the satisfaction of moving one step closer towards our goal of self sufficiency.

Hannah’s Homegrown Tomatoes.


Tonight, Atticus will be with friends celebrating a birthday. That means I get the pleasure of some one-on-one time with Madeleine. Most often, I am spending time with both kids, of course. Though that will be changing with sports practices beginning soon. I treasure every minute with these kids, and really am enjoying watching them mature into cool, caring, and capable people. Madeleine is such an incredible support to me. Every day excitedly reading through these rambling blog posts. Asking about what we are, “making” next. Talking about the videos we should plan for, etc. Really just caring about me, and sharing excitement for the things I spend my time and energy on. It’s heartwarming.

Madeleine garnishing our potato soup with: bacon, scallions, and cheddar cheese.

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