Beautiful Beginning

Mondays Can Be Marvelous

Obviously, I’m completely biased towards the weeks where Atticus and Madeleine are here. I feel more productive when they are here, happier, more whole, just all-around better.

Morning drop off at school.


Today we had a delicious, and simple breakfast. Eggs (scrambled with dill, or soft-boiled), half a slice of toasted “ABC bread” (Apples, Banana, and Carrot, the loaf also had pecans and white chocolate chips), a little fresh fruit and a cup of breakfast tea (accompanied by a glass of water). Probably skewed a bit towards the sweet side this morning, but I certainly didn’t hear any complaints.

Breakfast of champions.

Today’s Work Flow

I am making another batch of greek-style yogurt. We should end up with somewhere around one and a half to two quarts of creamy, tangy, and exceptionally delicious yogurt. Realistically, I should be thinking about making another batch on Wednesday or Thursday as well.

Two half-gallon jars filled with fermenting milk, aka soon-to-be-yogurt.

I also have a loaf of sourdough bread started. While it won’t be baked off until tomorrow, after it’s overnight cold fermentation in the fridge, I am happy it’s in production. Madeleine prefers “plain” sourdough, which is no surprise. Last night with dinner we had sesame-crusted sourdough … which wasn’t her favorite. Hannah and I are big fans of the sesame loaf, so maybe we’ll be making a loaf of each later in the week.

Sourdough bread dough, after autolyse and one coil fold.

To accompany the, currently gelling yogurt, I am also working on a batch of granola. Fairly straightforward, the two will make a perfect pair once the granola is crumbled over a bowl of creamy yogurt. I am looking for things to keep Atticus feeling full throughout the school day, especially since next week his after-school basketball practices will be starting.

Pan of granola cooling.

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