Finally Here


The kids show up today. Finally. Seems like the weeks that they are not here, drag sooo slowly. Of course, once they are here, things happen at warp speed, usually.

Dinner was a Winner

Last night we tried something different. Shrimp toast. Typically prepared as an appetizer, or certainly to complement another main dish, we made a complete meal out of it. A delightful combination of shrimp, cilantro, toasted sesame seed oil, and green onions (with a few other things) were pureed then swiped across the face of bread, before finally being griddled to perfection. In our case, the bread was sliced from one of the sesame-crusted loafs I made earlier in the day. It was already well-perfumed with the intoxicating aroma from toasted sesame seeds adhered to the well-baked crust. Thick, fresh and supremely flavorful, our homemade sourdough was more than a vehicle for the shrimp paste, easily a co-star with main character ambitions. Definitely a meal to add to our, “that hit the spot” list of more than once-in-a-blue-moon dinner options!

Homemade sesame-crusted sourdough boules.
Griddled shrimp toasts.
Delightfully flavorful bite of shrimp toast on homemade sourdough.

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