New Day New Ferment

Preparing a half gallon of milk for a yogurt culture.


Probiotic-rich creamy milk. That’s what I am working on this afternoon. One of Hannah’s favorite do-it-yourself kitchen projects. After warming and cooling a half gallon of milk, it will take a few hours for the milk proteins to gel (turn into yogurt) with a perfectly delicate thickness that is equally suited for spooning straight into your mouth, as it is for blending with fruits and a few veggies for a decadent yet healthful smoothie.

Preparing a half gallon of milk for a yogurt culture

According to Harold McGee, author of widely respected, On Food and Cooking, there are essentially two necessary steps for making yogurt: you heat the milk and allow it to cool, then you add a bacteria culture to ferment your milk. Simple enough that it’s been around for millennia! Heating the milk to 195ºF for ten minutes, denatures the whey protein, ultimately helping to improve the yogurt’s desired consistency.

On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee

Happy Fri-yay!

Something Atticus got me in the habit of saying … much better than a regular Friday I suppose 😉 While Madeleine and Atticus aren’t here this week, they’ll both arrive day after tomorrow (Sunday), and we’ll certainly have plenty of yogurt to go around! I prefer mine in a bowl topped with homemade preserves, and a little granola for texture.

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