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Well, not exactly, now. But soon, or really I should say, eventually! I want to have a YouTube channel, where I post cooking happier content. Recipes, cookbook reviews, restaurant spotlights, travel videos, cooking tutorials. A place for us to connect, and for you to really get to know me/us. More than you can from reading these short blurbs. It would also be a place for you to really get to know Atticus and Madeleine and Hannah. Madeleine has actually been the number one fan of this idea since it’s inception! Atticus has also loved the idea, wanting desperately to have an opportunity to overlay funny noises (anything fart-like) and hilariously appropriate and admittedly awkward gifs onto cooking videos! We have gotten as far as to have a small space carved out for, “filming.”

Screen shot of Madeleine, egg washing and sugaring, soon-to-be apple danish.

Everything Is Overwhelming

While I consume hours and hours of content, watching many creators deftly pump out incredibly engaging content at a dramatic clip, it’s pretty overwhelming. Where to even start. Then there are the advocates of just starting. No matter where you are, no matter the quality, no matter the result. Proponents of simply moving forward to begin the process, thereby learning from the reality of doing. I am not quite there yet, but every day I am getting closer, really! I see the merits of having something, anything, rather than facing the debilitating banner that reads: “This channel has no videos.”

Horse Before the Cart

The very reason you are reading this blog, is because I want to make videos! I finally decided I needed to move forward with my goal of sharing content, and landed on this for my method. It gives me an outlet, creates a habit, and, moves me ever closer to my ultimate goal. Soon, I will post a video, something filmed, probably short and certainly simple, but one more small step in the direction of my ultimate goal. If you are creating content, specifically videos, with yourself in them … how did you get there? Did you ever face the challenge of feeling vulnerable? Were you worried about the end result? What people would think? If anyone would even care? All of these thoughts have certainly crossed my mind. But little by little I am trying to accept the fact that ultimately … I just need to do it.

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