Hannah made breakfast. Scrambled eggs with dill, which is something my grandfather introduced me to. A little fruit, a sliced tomato, and some sourdough bread. All in all, delicious.

Breakfast by Hannah

Kombucha Time

After breakfast, we bottled our first batch of kombucha. To each of the five bottles of fermented tea, we added a puree that consisted of: peach, mango, pineapple juice, fresh ginger and basil. Excitedly we drank one of the bottles, it was delicious. The other four bottles we will let carbonate over the next couple of days, before refrigerating. I’m most excited for Madeleine to try one next week, as she has enjoyed our homemade shrub, and used to have me buy her bottles of kombucha on occassion.

Urban Root Sunset Fruit

Hannah decided this batch needed a catchy name: Urban Root Sunset Fruit, because the orange and yellow fruit made for a beautiful batch.

Old Salem

After bottling, and passing the afternoon away, we made our way to Old Salem. Just spent some time walking through the old streets, admiring the lights, architecture and sillhouettes.

The Mickey Coffee Pot in Old Salem

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