Looking Forward to Tomorrow

We are bottling our first batch of kombucha tomorrow. That will begin its short second fermentation. By adding kombucha to bottles with a little fresh fruit, it’ll help carbonate the probiotic concoction.

New to Brewing Kombucha

While we’ve been fans of kombucha for quite a while, we are new to the home brewing of it. I am looking forward to the unlimited customization of our own supply. Being able to add nearly any fruits, herbs, spices to our bottles, really excites me. Tomorrow’s batch will probably be some sort of peach and basil, or possibly mango with mint … maybe both, separately.

Stir Fried Makes Dinner Simplified

Wok sautéed vegetables and noodles made for a fast and filling dinner.

Simple Stir Fry

I video called Madeleine right as this meal was arriving to the table. She, more than any of us, loves noodle bowls. It was nice to hear her excitement, and to know next week she’ll be asking for this dish to make the rotation.

Atticus Is Starting a Sport This Winter

This will be the first time that Atticus has participated in a team sport, with practices and games for an entire season. I am simply not prepared. Today, we received the announcement that he’ll have practice EVERY day beginning the first week of November. Three days of that week, he’ll be at school until 6:30pm. I am still waiting on the complete schedule for the season, but am certainly not excited for the number of practices and games it will have. Don’t get me wrong, I think Atticus will love playing basketball, and can learn a tremendous amount from participating in a team sport … I’m just not ready to have it completely overtake our lives. How will we manage to spend some quality time together, ensure he’s staying on top of his academic requirements, and make enough time for him to sleep? I’m more than a little nervous.

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