Sleep-In Saturday

Breakfast for one, since the kids are having cereal with their cartoons.


Excitedly, both kids are sleeping in. Honestly, it’s a bit of a rarity that both of them will be tired enough, comfortable enough, and just able enough to really sleep in on a Saturday morning. For me, it’s nice to know they are.

Tales from a Different Era

Yesterday, the kids had the pleasure of meeting Papa David, Hannah’s maternal grandfather. In town for a fairly routine clinic visit, he stuck around to meet the kids when they got home from school. After picking them up, we swing by our Mexican bakery for a half dozen bolillos to dunk into the broccoli cheddar soup I had planned for dinner, we also grab one “pan dulce” with pineapple for Papa. Once home, the kids sat enthralled as Papa told stories from his colorful life. Street fights, dog attacks, solar panel swindlers, the business of bread baking, tales of tremors, and much more. Madeleine seemed most eager to absorb everything, peppering him with questions whenever there was a lull. An afternoon neither of them will soon forget.

Pre-breakfast for One

Maintaining a sourdough starter is for me, a daily meditation. Choosing to leave our starter out at room temperature, and active, means she needs daily feeding. To keep up with the demand, without baking every day, something we’d do if we were running a bakery, I only give her micro doses of flour each day. That way, I will only have a small amount of discard to deal with. Something I often turn into a petit personal pancake, usually topped with a sprinkle of everything seasoning (what you’d find on the bagel), and maybe a few scallions. It’s a savory snack, or a tiny meal, and totally uses up the active discard in a delicious way.

Breakfast for one, since the kids are having cereal with their cartoons.

Finally Awake

The kids are now, both up. Hungry but in happy moods … from sleeping in 😉 Atticus says they were just discussing what they wanted to eat for breakfast, as well as what they wanted to do this morning.

Well Dad, you know we’re children, and it’s Saturday”

– Atticus

To translate for you, since Atticus and Madeleine went on to translate it for me … they are going to have cereal and watch cartoons. What can I say, but, “Okay.” That’s all I wanted to do at their age. Hope you have a happy Saturday as well.

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