Happy Fri-yay!

We Made It!

I love to celebrate waking the kids up on Friday’s during the school year! After a long week of school and everything that goes with it, I believe a celebration is certainly in order. Even getting up on time, on the last day of the week, is worth being proud of. Both kids were surely tired, but dug in and took care of everything in their morning routines, so we could be on time to school today.

American Classic

We had a breakfast plate that you could easily find on any diner menu, listed in the classics or specials section. Two eggs (any style), bacon (or sausage), sourdough toast (or biscuits) and a side of fresh fruit. There are a couple of things you might add, if you were running a diner; some sort of hashbrown or potato dish and grits (at least here in the southeastern US).

Classic American Diner-style breakfast plate

“Crushing This Level!”

Atticus is performing in a play today at school. This will be his first time acting at school. While I am confident he has learned his lines, forwards and backwards, I am thouroughly bummed that the play is not open to receiving an audience. Instead, the performance will be captured digitally, and shared with the parents and caretakers. Atticus was cast as, “Max” a video game addict. I appreciate it didn’t take much for Atticus to really understand this character’s motivation for the lines he says!

Chauffeur NOT for Hire

After running the kids to school, Hannah needed a ride to Baptist Hospital. Her grandfather is in town for an appointment to check his pacemaker. If you read my post yesterday, you’re aware that her car is currently out of commission. Probably needs a new alternator, something we should have figured out by the middle of next week, hopefully. Until then, I will just have the pleasure of driving her to and from her appointments and scheduled shifts. I honestly don’t mind getting people where they need to be, it’s just murder on the gas bill. Driving a nearly twenty year old Ford SUV with dismal fuel economy, has me frequenting service stations and being tied emotionally to the steadily increasing fuel prices.

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