See-Saw Sunday’s

Rather than a, "plain ol' roll." Atticus asked if I would add apples.

Sunday’s are Emotional

The kids are with me every other week, swapping houses on Sunday. Today they leave, so today sucks.

It’s Fall Y’all

Atticus loves cinnamon rolls. He lobbies both houses to try to have them at least once each week. I was happy he asked, and that he wanted a seasonal makeover from the traditional. Spiced apples made up the filling of our rolls this morning.

Rather than a, “plain ol’ roll.” Atticus asked if I would add apples.

Just wanted to send a short update … now I’m headed to love on the kids before they leave. PS – that’s Madeleine playing with the dough in the photo … something that (thankfully) ALWAYS happens when I’m baking 😉

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