Day 1 of … ?

Beginning to blog …

I have been, “getting ready to blog” … for years now. Just seemed like I needed to Google a couple more things first:

  • “How do I start a blog?”
  • “What is the BEST blogging platform?”
  • “Why do I need to … ?”

You get the idea! I could easily find a couple (hundred) reasons to procrastinate … or just avoid the reality of, “putting myself out there.” Being a person who has lived a life littered with missteps and let’s be a little more honest: flat out mistakes … I am more-than-a-little anxious about what actually publishing content will mean for myself emotionally to be honest. The only reason you’re here reading this, now … is I’ve decided that NOT blogging is far worse for me. I need to get these: creative ideas, curious thoughts, and pesky ramblings out of my head; and blogging is ultimately a wonderful way to do that.

5:26 am today (Wednesday) after preparing a quiche.

My main motiva-tion(-tors)

My son, Atticus and my daughter, Madeleine are home. This week is wonderful. My kids are with me every other week. 26 weeks out of 52 … (never enough). Lots of happiness, hugging, homework help, and home-cooked meals this week! We eat breakfast together each morning at 7:00 am before I drive them to school. Today, Wednesday, breakfast was quiche.

Breakfast is rarely … fast

This morning’s quiche was really a bit of a personal challenge … not to prove I can make a quiche … but just the challenge of making a (delicious, well-baked, fully set, sliceable) quiche from scratch (in a little more than one hour), for a mid-week breakfast … rather than having baked it the night before to serve for breakfast (which definitely makes more sense). Last night, Atticus casually asked, oblivious of what it entails, “how about we have quiche for breakfast tomorrow?” Not an unusual request from one of my food-loving kids … and something I am grateful for (that they do ask, and can expect me to deliver)!

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