Atticus’ Half Birthday

Not a Usual Celebration

In the past, I haven’t paid much attention to when the kid’s half birthdays are. A half birthday, falls six months after your actual birthday. If you are born on April 12, then, today is your half birthday!

Atticus Isn’t Subtle

For the last couple of days, since he showed up on Sunday, Atticus has mentioned how excited he was to be having his half birthday! This certainly drew it to my attention. So, when he woke up this morning, and didn’t have to go to school (because his school was kid-free for a Professional Development Day), I loudly exclaimed, “Happy Half-Birthday!” … to which he said, “I’m surprised you remembered!” (Ha!)

Time for a Change

Even before he showed up, Atticus asked if I’d schedule a haircut appointment for him. “Of course,” I said reluctantly, because I’ve grown to love his having long hair. Ultimately, I have nothing but respect for both of the kids, forming and following through with their own thoughts and opinions. So, if Atticus was really ready for a change, then I would support him. Turns out, he was REALLY ready for a change! We went to, “Pretty Is as Pretty Does” and met with Fielding, who was more than gracious with my anxious pacing about and clumsy videography. With respect to Fielding’s work with Atticus, she was sensitive to his wants, tickled with his exuberance and expertly delivered a cut and overall experience he was thrilled with! Atticus is ecstatic with the look, the feel, the coolness, the ease, and even with the anticipation of unveiling his new look in sixth grade tomorrow.

Atticus: BEFORE (with long hair) and AFTER (with short hair)

Celebratory Dinner

My eleven year old has fairly simple food cravings. So, for his half birthday dinner, I planned steak and potatoes. Perfect for him, as he remarked more than once. No dessert tonight, maybe something fun this weekend, before they head to their Mom’s for a week.

Steak with potatoes, salad, homemade bread and homemade garlic dill pickle.

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